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the cold and for this we shall have ourselves to blnmt. Just now
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mittee and especially for those in which the virus appeared to be
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of the report be adjourned for six months and that it be referred
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that province it appears that the Burmese exhibit much reluct
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months before whan he had a rigor and nad been ill ever since.
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the convulsion incipient signal symptom of Seguin or if
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abad in each of which towns there were dying on an average
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the tables of the Houses of Parliament and if sanctioned will
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cerned may lie pardoned some suspicion when they find that all
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clues which might lead to successful inquiry. If the coroner re
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probable explanation. But it must be stated that in every case
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and then one or two sticks. Altogether extension is maintained
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pin because a few most special movements of the hand are lost
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warning to the benevolent public that it is a mistake to subscribe
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when we have located his lesion we have done anatomical work
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cations of the Ciosarean section to which the names of persons
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ferred to phthisis and to diseases of the circulatory system showed
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being brought in contact with some worthy members of the
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It is quite impossible to convey to another by words the impres
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elbows and knees stiff the skin over the abdomen was less in
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common one namely the diophragm and intercostals remaining
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knee jerks almost absent pupils equal act to light and accom
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the late Sir William Gull of which an artists proof has been sent
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acknowledged that the negro as well as the monkey suffers
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tify the well known handwriting of Mr. Clift having in my pos
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mation Buthn nor degenerated elements in process of proli
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morning was coated and there had been no action of the bowels.
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doses. In cases of tuberculosis expectoration was occasionally
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Phillips said that at the London Fever Hospital he had seen
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otherwise ordinary epileptiform seizure excessive development of
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The lighting arrangement is placed at the gi eatest possible dis
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scarcely perceptible nodules up to the size of a nut. They were partly
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fessor is never happy unless his dog is also content. This is the
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has a dull coloured shell containing so little calcareous matter
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once instructed an architect to prepare plans. Ilisdeath however
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bronchitis and pneumonia were the rule where such remedies as antlpyrin
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of workers both in this country and on the Continent have
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to incur responsibility for the training of 6 000 000 children
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ports to be an elementary treatise on galvanism. The applica
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tion but not one fact was given to warrant the adoption nor
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mentioned the organic matter of the breath is always less when
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During last summer an epidemic of this disease broke out at
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occurred nearly always tbine of multiple uric acid calculi 4.
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in some instances be desirable to ligature the jugular vein low
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few fine synechia between the pupillary margin and the capsule
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may eject from his body in the course of twenty four hours no
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I his card upon his Wother medical officers in such circumstances
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Tery good grounds for suspecting a cerebral lesion.
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As to the mode of propagation of influenza opinions seem to
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edition of the Transactions issued in the year 1720 and disposed
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Dr. Cleveland and Mr. D Abcy Poweh commented upon the
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simply covering them with a medicine duty stamp does not do
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other people see them but whatever the defect may be 1 had no
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it was found to contain O.oo gramme per litre of volatile acid and
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that disease as in epilepsy any treatment whatever might be
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contact with one of its surfaces either by direct infection of the
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panied by an explanatory letter pointing out the changes which

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