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greater number of students by simply making some alterations in
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times was there more than one abscess in two of these instances
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meningitis was found around the blocked vessel. There is there
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the small intestine. Her medical attendant acting too boldly
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subserous tissue posterior to the transverse colon. In a man aged
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the chief difficulty seemed to be to get an authoritative dictum as to
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of sodium H2 grains had no deleterious effects on ani
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Further he had noticed that females were apparently more liable
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proved fatal. These symptoms passed away and on May 1st she
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The decision will we hope be iu accordance with the recom
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the kidneys of this double iodide of mercury and potassium waa
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life he found no trace of lamination in the uterine tissue the
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mal gland and near the insertions ot the ocular muscles. Lipo
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building can be opened for the reception of lunatics without the
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than a specific disease which is most commonly met with in
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on the normal anatomy of the female pelvis and by Dr. Alexander
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was pathologically the most prominent component of the urine.
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Use of the first and second cultivation tubes in plain broth or on

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