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they produce decidedly different nosological results.
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if indeed we may not say two kinds of superpositive hyper
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mittee when moving the Army f stimates which must be pre
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pillf but thought they were vomited at any rate the bowels
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disease depends on the persistent approximation of the vocal
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of starch grains were always left and when he had contrary to
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table of which we append. Then follows the table fixing
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jilace the Senate has wo undorstaml now adopted a modified
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ing the milk to 70 C. did not always destroy its irulence only
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Scotch Universities should be free to visit such examinations in
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two million were amassed and the actual preparation of the
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caught coast lobster feeding in the deep waters of open bays
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dilBculties that are not present in a university in a pro
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deep and lasting pride and interest in all that pertains to the early
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I believe duo those tests and regulations 1877 which have been
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arrest of the circulation over a small portion of the intestines and
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tens of thousands of the poorer population were sensibly improved
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President. This was seconded by Dr. MacCormac and carried by
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sible and regular 130 per minute and is equal on both sides.
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the nematoda. Of all three it is sufficiently true to be styled
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shaft she became faint and ill and the thyroid became swollen
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The total effect of scrubbing also was found to be nil. The
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ceived a pension from the municipality of Vienna she met with
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after consultation with the Association of Fellows and in deference
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case I should like to offer a few suggestions on this subject. It
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the view which.lenner was inclined to adopt but which Dr.
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up in and adherent to the omentum and was a mere shell tilled

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