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I proceedings of the Roj al College of Physicians in reference to the
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discovered when the child was five months old and continued to
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sidered its services to psychology and physiology its use as a
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to these auttues and emergoi thitfogh tte abdosninBil musoleg
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The Aberdeen Students Council have been invited to send a
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expect that workpeople will use respirators to catch the dust on
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revenue and would not necessitate any decrease in the reserves.
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form the left ventricular change in this form of heart affection.
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account is given of the estimates for the various lots at the Fale
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for himself. Any person harin.i fS identify the larvie
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part of the wound and in this manner the wound is searched
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chemistry and metallurgy with less general chemistry.
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less cells but I know of no way of eflecling this riddance. There
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scended. The lighting at night just sufficient to make
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tances it is of the utmost importance that captains officers and
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Sale of a Medical Libkaey. The library of the late Dr.
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edges of the wound properly apposed or by allowing the wound
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having occurred iu two places simultaneously it was suggested
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where the fragments could he readily brought into close apposi
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there a. well authenticated case of fracture of any calculus other
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cular meningitis. Ilirschberger declares that 25 per cent of all
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the blftilder should be opened above the pubes. By this means
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that the patient was suffering from internal hiemorrhage and that
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especially if the accompanying cough prevents the lodgment of
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and who appeared to present many of the symptoms of a patient
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movements of the fingers are still quite free and perfect.
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moles. He demonstrated the method which he employed for this
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where it wa mottled like measles. The temperature in uncom
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prepared tables and diagrams Mr. Spear clearly shows that in
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however before the march of Western and 1 am deter
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presence of nests as conclusive evidence of the ulcer being
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vestigator he shows much mechanical ingenuity in the invention
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Lord Provost and magistrates of Glasgow attired in their official
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may set up and carry on eflPectively a fermentation which under
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Whether it is common for men to be drawn away from clinical
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Assam with crusts obtained from cows sufi ering from a virulent
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chemistry histology and pathology. It may be observed in passing
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discovered. The limb was therefore amputated. Kapid re
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sixteen days ago he had earache followed by otorrluea in four
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second level its motor province of the cerebral.system is com
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In consequence of a sevire outbreak of measles at.Morley near
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was held at St. Petorsbury on January 9tb was attended by J.OOO
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focal illumination however the cornea was seen to be uneven
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he is always drowsy and his utterance drawling and monotonous.
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a number of the out patients were frivolous cases which need
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pital for Women and Children. Any surplus obtained over the
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be experienced in passing the catheter but sometimes the diffi
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rest healed well. There were no cases of wound infection or

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