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and they were not only situated in the posterior and lower parts
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and first dorsal os they supply the little finger and the ulnar
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the rank of surgeon Dr. Ubbon subsequently received the ap
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some who do not renlis gt the mnrtuji nperaiKli in either case. Within
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Exposure to vari itions of temperature moisture etc.. includes
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somewhat staggering and she was very restless constantly mov
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first host is devoured by the second is generally characterised
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Professor Smith dwelt upon the importance of ventilation with
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this fee has hardly ever been paid. It is now proposed to make
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both of them in unequal degrees liable to be associated with ery
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elevation above the sea level should in any way affect its conta
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as a dressing in these cases. He attributed the rapid change for
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carbonate in excess. xVfter filtration 20 cubic centimetres of the
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an outlying district far from the skilful aid of a skilled obste
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which is used by the director and one with accommodation for 6
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the epileptic attacks. Experimoutally it provokos convulsive at
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believe the first case brought before this Society Uristol Medioo
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neither albumen or sugar he had some enlargement of the
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mistaken in its earlier stages for other diseoaes. Pleuritic effusions
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FINSBURY DISPENSARY Brewer Street Goswell Road. Surgeon Fellow
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reports and certificates of the medical officers of institutions
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the governors and some ot the stall was formrd to carry it out.
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diminishing quantity ultimately ceasing altogether and the
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He was very successful in the treatment of his cases paying the
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relation of pneumonia to influenza. Professor Nothnagel reiterated
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The project is being taken up most actively by large committees
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of the acetabulum. This examination sufficiently established the
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yeast the reason of its non development in the normal stomach is
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The annual meeting of this institution was held in the Town
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fessor C. H ath were add d to the Council. The following were
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ooujunctiv. c rarely if ever became wholly insensitive. The fits
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The chapter on the training of nurses is e. cellent and any
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internal fittings being made of glazed varnished non porous non
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Paper. The Honorary Secretary read a paper on a case of
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very extensive kind are obtainable. Thus according to Eams
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history of the medical profession without being impressed with
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Inebriates Act the patient could only be detained for three months
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and who very seldom will take it after it has been boiled shows
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first attack the woman having been all right ever since.
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and prominent. On vaginal examination the cervix was found
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the hypothesis of cerebellar influx on which we are in funda
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reading papers or showing cases or specimens will please communicate with
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of Trade because they have not interfered with my certificate but i
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from tj phoid fever the corrected weekly average being 14 The
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predominate on one side of the brain. Sir D. Duckworth in
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in private life as a genial and entertaining companion and bis
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which he had operated he had entirely removed the eac and in no
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smus was thrombosed it was certainly examined in many of the
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and the child speedily extracted. The patient was sterilised by
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