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at any time of the year. It is also provided that no child

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in that neighbourhood during the past few weeks and as yet

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Although nominally under my care I did not happen to see heron

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drug on the reflex functions of tne spinal cord. The method eni

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wholesale or retail unle.s8 the box bottle vessel wrapper or

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and White Xotley near Braintree in Essex under circumstances

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slight excess 91 deaths resulted from whooping cough 24 from

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while clonus quickly came on and the patellar tendon reflexM

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suffer from atTections which can be cured or ameliorated. The

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that such a step is opposed to important public interests.

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TuR North of Kogland Surgical Aid Society held its Arst.

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year blowing with great fury towards evening the direction

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about a year ago. At that time she commenceil to he troublid by

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optic disc changes unaccountable knee phenomena unusual head

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second on a Cretinoid State Supervening in. dult Life in Women.

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These are the utterances of men of authority who speak out what

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mater over the petrous bone. It is worthy of note however that

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is set up by a septic embolism by the examination of their relative

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one of the finest and most eftective departments of the army

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increa sed acidity in water may be the vast quantities of free

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country in the world to do what should have been done many

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ment. In the third stage of contraction the myeloid substance

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before while after the fixation of the tube within the stricture

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tremities alone. In this case the subject was unable to complet ly

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be said that in a general and incidental way the winter weather

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Majesty s I oot iuards must have been of this description.

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somewhat delayed still the sleep which supervened was markedly

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ordinarj conditions. G. Previous disease or injury keloid and

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versity have been going on all this week. The capping will

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during the paralytic ftaee or part of it I mean of course after

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Immediately the case was dismissed the police applied to the

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returned for a few hours but was once more lost towards the

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Mb. Peesidbnt and Gbntlembn I feel much the honour you

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taminating it after ovarian operations a method lirst suggested

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carefully examined. The notion itself had been based upon the

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checked by pressure and ligatures. On its deep side the lobe was

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under Dr. West s care for rheumatic fever with pericarditis and

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dates in that ward were examined in the same free and easy style

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a knowledge of colours which are quite independent of the colour

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plained. This theory gains anatomical colouring from the fact

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tests were devised to detect colour blindness the regulations were

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tion and no necropsy is made the obscure symptoms are most

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questions concerning the disease. Dr. Roose states that all the

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House of Commons who are specially interested in the subject.

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worn for eighteen days. There was some trouble from bronch

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blood and there was slight yellow discoloration of the fascia

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of six cases of pelvic abscess in which he had performed

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