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that he is thereafter incapable of rising to a distinguished position
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be increased if the recommendations of the Committee were
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by inducing even legislators to legislate. It illustrates once more
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fits for a month preceding his death. Finally he died comatose
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months and they have left a large family of eons and daughters
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operatir n and the complete closure of the wound. The operation
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seconded by Sir Peter Kade who expressed the hope that an effort
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mental problems and he often carries this profession of present
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sinus or impinging upon a very prominent prostatic middle lobe.
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Of course there are many degrees of abnormal affection of speech
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tion of detecting and punishing such offemlers as those who
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teeth of a soldier belonging to the band of the Cameron High
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are four done after Goyrand s plan by which the contracted bands
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check the terribly excessive rate of mortality among large indus
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that pennyroyal has no ecbolic or emmenagogue prop. rties. lie
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WEST LONDON HOSPITAL. Surgeon Dentist wdth a medical or surKleal
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of Dobie s line. The shortening appears to result from an active
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ryngeal muscles being extremely relaxed the posterior surface of
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lence of micro organisms which until then were harmless. M.
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fibres were in a state of rigidity and showed increased tendon
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where the presence of an unsightly scar would arouse the suspi
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common variety and the much rarer one the result of immediate
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cending frontal convolution. The tits sometimes began by tremor
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M. Rou. proposes to abolish the ordinary method of dressings
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off his cab on to his head and shoulder. This was followed by
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head of the femur could not be displaced upwards by the moderate
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cesses and to infectious diseases the epidemiological and hygienic
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attacked whilst jaundice fits and diarrhoja account for thedeath
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teeth without causing the least pain or lea nng the slightest
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the increase. The chances are not inconsiderable that he was
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fcEtus was larger than either of the other two and like them was
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In the form which is the subject of the present communication
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the gelatine is liquefied the flakes gather at the base and if
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aperture was as rough and shaggy as of that portion formed by
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breath of the patient we have pretty strong evidence that this
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complained of seemed to be muscular for nothing could be seen
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One of the children died during the time the lunacy certificates
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more or less directed upwards iu the long axis of the patient s
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remaining in tho bulb at what is generally Iniown as the injra
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the same kind thus 1. Several cases had a papular eruption
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afterwards as I re. idency surgeon and superintendent general of
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tion somewhat indistinct was perceptible in it. The fascia was
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culars to Poor law guardians received five times more replies in
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protection of women employed as barmaids and waitresses in
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collected by Dr. Andrews of Pennsylvania. Sir Thomas
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organisms should be carefully read and considered by all biolo
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multiple sittings prior to the date named to have reduced the
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the gas is attributed to that fermentation. Ewald found butyric
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tioned as causes of pulmonary disease. It is certain that th e kind
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In 1868 he was appointed surgeon to the Prince von Oldenburg
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at the time and exhibited every calculus with very few excep
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tory meatus of a young man who had sustained a fracture of the
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applicants are drafted into the private practice of the practitioner
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any of the mass of expert evidence which was at their command
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the identity of the two diseases and the original papers of
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with the peculiar phj sical signs such as want of the distinct
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change countenance pinched and anxious pulse 130 tongue
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group Were entirnly negative the rabbits injected remaining per
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raonlhs and attacks of dyspmna there was a large papilloma of
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dentine or replaced by fat. Others were cuspidate or incisiform
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neuralgia was the most common and with this complaints
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diet and twice as much under a mixed as under a non nitrogenous
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for introduction into Parliament a Bill transgressing the limits
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of the ovary for some ovarian substance might remain on the

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