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Increased number of men passing through the ranks with the sliorl service
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The absurdity of the examination is made more manifest when
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says that he cannot understand how activities of motor nervous
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seems to think that by irritability of protoplasm physiologists
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bottle and sounding machine were the instrument used in ascer
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So that so far from confounding coses of aphasia with cases of
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here and there he is too often content with stating a fact instead
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components of the tongue. They penetrated everywhere except
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these inflammatory processes became transformed into induration
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mission only to reopen the abdominal wound so that the exami
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strong ethical question that for the women who survive a cure
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ing as long as the symptoms clearly point to one particular region
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authenticate them with their names of course not necessarily for publication.
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ment has been compelleil to instruct the Crown Solicitor to insti
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grounds economy efliciency and health but the last which pri
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whom 172 were intern patients. During the year the sanitary
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appointed warden. The architects have been Messrs. AVood and
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As regards his general condition he is a poorly nourished man
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possible to get a Sydney jury to meet under tho same roof
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attack of influenza with great pain in the head and eyes. His
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could only add that he should lose no opportunity of otitaining information on
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discretion m the matter. If this application is unsuccessful Mr. Horrocks
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could be discovered there was no displacement of the apex no
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outwards the carotid artery. It has a tense semielastic feel. The
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experience is divided into four chapters treating respectively of
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deaths were registered in twenty eight of the largest English towns in
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of calcification in the higher animals man included. This does
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degrees of Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of
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transport of infectious cases. It is most desirable that the direc
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loteral column produces when cnme to the horns with which
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between these patients and cases of leprosy he had seen in Nor
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left lenticular nucleus fungating endocarditis of the aortic
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The principal objection raised against the subcutaneous
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common use throughout the populations of the globe.
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John Hunter s financial affairs after his death and partly to Sir
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coccus erysipelatis is practically indistinguishable from the
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governors of the Richmond District Asylum at their last meeting
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health is a matter of absolute indifference to me but merely that
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chiefly occupied with religious subjerts. and gradually he liecnme
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We t Strainl Assistant Surgeon Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.
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others and in one other case described by Dr. Adler at the New
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A society at the head of which were the directors of the three
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vessels. As the heart was largely supported by the cyst son.e
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reference to the disorder in Ringer or any other of the usual textbooks.
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grown more considerably than in the normal animals. With re
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needles through the flattened tube and through the uterus and out
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advantage of medical men whether attached to hospitals or not
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On two propositions that had been put forward in connection with
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cially with reference to the conditions under which they had been
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By Section 9 of the Contagious Diseases.Vnimolsi Act of 188fi
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When a piece of gut was ligatured with precautions for six hours
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Let us in future concentrate our efforts on three points First rank pure
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neglecting tho more scientific side of medicine and medicol edu
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Sensations. The sensation of the arms was slightly dulled and
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Medica and Medical Jurisprudence should be raised from two to
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but no patches of alopecia. Can any member suggest some treatment and
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the North Eastern Sanitary Association have been enlisted with a
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the assertions of a violent anti vaccinationist were really trust
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immensely superior to those obtp.iued by iridectomy. As regards
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variable mixture of several kinds of disease producing fungi and
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still to some extent in operation in Hanley but Mr. Spear thinks
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putrefying more rapidly tlian flesh muscle or fat convinced
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thigh on March 7th 1884. Stump healed by June 5th. Died
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oozed by its side into antiseptic wood wool pads during the night.
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genius holds back the pestilence and small pox could start into
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saud and Ruault above quoted that fixation of the vocal cords in
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be made of a descriptive list of new pharmaceutical and dietetic
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aniemia and these were out of all apparent proportion to the
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mercy of colour blind men but as I have shown they do
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lysis was absolute. The sphincters also were paralysed from that
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Yet it seems desirable that an operation surrounded as this one
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have been done by Macewen Ciodlee Horsley Barker and
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new laboratories. Its recommendations were adopted.
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that it has fettered and impeded the march of knowledge.
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gretted that the absorbing demands of other pursuits and occupa
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wasbmj. Apphcations to the Secretary to the Faculty 19 Oueen Street

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