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about the end of July 1888 and had first felt the movements of

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clinical teaching on the subject of fevers should be left in the

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pyrin antifebrin and many other members of the aromatic

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not particularly anxious nor did he give the appearance of much

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tho present system of examination for promotion. A e have

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of sudden death after a long continued tolerance of tho foreign

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Section of Obstetrics and Gyu ecoIogy November 1889. Dr.

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consist of microscope tables which are placed in the windows each

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assessor would be present. For the moment the question of

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lay bi foro the Commission. These views are published in a

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The Branch Council met at 10 o clock Mr. William Peaese

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which the medical men of this country had assumed a position of

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the week ending Saturday February 15th were equal to an annual rate. I

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extremities deficient appetite constipation and uncertain sleep.

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the views of the Coimcil are likely to be overridden in a way

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with his books and newspapers. He takes a fair amount of

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has reached the endometrium and the Fallopian tubes. On the

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diate measures for the removal of these constantly acting causes

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tions it in Romeo and Juliet Cleopatra Macbeth and Othello.

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which is founded upon most delicate experiments where all the

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Ds. Dakfobd Tuomas Brigade Surgeon of the 18th Middlesex

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Hepatic Abscess from a female subject in the dissecting room.

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scene in making a sudden descent as in going down the

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colour or of sound these also are Crude Sensations. Epilepti

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ation and these were given in a tabular form under ten separate

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went on the sick list on December 30th with suspicious symptoms.

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December i0th.Swain si reading rapidly to lOastwell and liran

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terminal s gment of the ring finger did not quite touch the hand.

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comprising five financial weeks no fewer than 55 members had

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A second case is mentioned in the Shipping and Mercantile

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Ihr T J method of detachment will be clearly understood.

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hour alter administering the second lt lose that the os had dilated sulllciently

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different hosts the earlier is generally a resting stage and is

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is very unsatisfactory but not very unusual. The causes of such

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interesting Lecturer. The remainder on ffecal abscess gastric

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A TELSGUA M from Dunedin ew Zealand dated.March I Jth

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per annum and fees. Applications to Mr. John Hefferuan Honorary Secre

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culsr coats of the arteries and arterioles may greatly cintrol the

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the legs drawn up the face flushed expression anxious tongue

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As an instance of the less frequent condition of mastoid sup

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which lasted many years and even now can scarcely be called

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the petrous bone or in the mastoid cells or antrum patients may

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blow on the abdomen was admitted to St. Bar holomew s Hospital

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not issue in paroxysmal discharges but in continuous discharges

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domestic servants specially exposed toellluvia from broken drains

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vestigation which revealed an almost incredible degree of sanitary

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children for a natural cure to occur and that in such sub

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cal societies or signed by practitioners in different towns to

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dence upon which the conclusions of the Committee are

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months. These regulations which have been partly acted on

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terminedly homicidal it is possible to carry the non restraint

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grain and a quarter of morphine. About four hours later when the

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It may be mentioned that Von Wahl s mother was an English

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prove that the bacillus in question is a distinct species.

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The two kinds of functional changes the hyper and the hypo

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u Ki Wlhs Were Huccesgfully reniovifl with a curette.

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deavour to discover some other cause for the epidemic. Accord

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justice maj indeed be done by discrediting the opinions or the

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selves of the advantages of the sanitary hospitals by the fear of

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daj and Friday July 29th 30th 31st and August 1st 1890.

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regards zymotic diseases there having been no serious epidemic

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evidence that when outbreaks of scarlatina occurred in lying in

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ceutical Chcmlstrv. Salary UiO i gt cr annum. Applications to the Regis

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the English officers being staff officers wear the staff uniform of

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It will be remembered that in a communication made to the

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Privatdocenten. A proposal recently brought forward to estab

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often signs of the disease. Possibly drink extravagance restless

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that died within tlie week had general py emia. On three occa

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over Square W. have forwarded to us specimens of their menthol

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lade of boisterous spirits and good hearts but a mere waste of

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peared on the fifteenth day after exposure to infection there

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calmness and self possession. You addressing Surgeon Le CJuesne

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