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Dr. Uansome in his first lectm e on the Etiology and

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of scitrlius. The surfaces of tlie lobe are seen to lie covered with

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Dr. John Lowe said he had always been chary of interference in

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likely to prove fatal. Then came the introduction of Koeberl6 s

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had found no lesion whatever which could account for the sym

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short space of time in a girl affected by constitutional syphilis

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cases of pneumonia in influenza of which only two presented the

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scionably long process yet a comparison of the present posi

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functional state of nervous elements of the region answers to the

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ing retroperitoneal tumours and he usually cut it off. He did

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Certain practical conclusions may perhaps be drawn from this

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longed experiment that in two or three cases any evidence of irri

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nal des Debats repefLtmg a speech of M. Fallieres Minister of Pub

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and uterus in healthy subjects ami in all abscesses it liquefies

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spinal deformity and here the advice as to examination and treat

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shining. When it had been nearly freed and while it was being

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to the same and to different forms of disease peculiar to women

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College of Physicians. He considers that foreign physicians

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qn the permanent specilicity of species in bacilli.

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portance of his researches which sliow how ascites and injuries of abdominal

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they can set up in human beings a milder and con infectious

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several associated with a dull stupid mental condition in others

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there was for a system of registration as a guarantee of efficiency.


would be university examinations conducted by university exa

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within the previous two days. The epidemic is however so far

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Evening temperature 100.2 F. He slept very heavily all night

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doses of belladonna tincture in combination with two grain doses

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with last year the increased mortality has had three sources

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amended be adopted and that this Committee do now consider

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onset the signal symptom which localises itpoints to the par

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merous experiments on the inoculation of tubercle bacilli were

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condition of t ie general circulation if we aro to obtain a correct

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power of the left ventricle as a result of this the blood stream

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nearly all speech the positive element being only retention of

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the JouBNAi of February 13th 188G a case of eructation of

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reply to this would be If the eyesight of sailors on colliding

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abeyance until after the community had been visited by the most

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and Manchester are severely visited by both types of disease but

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probable explanation. But it must be stated that in every case

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are numerous pretty and well printed though some are certainly

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review of therapeutic progress during the year 1889. Dr. Sidney

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been found in her expectoration. That the infection of tuberculoalfe

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The illustrations in this volume can be counted on the fingers

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a neuritis ascendens. In most cases when the disease is well

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frame a reply. What masters have to say against them is

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crease in the contributions from m gt oy lt. which had risen from

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ascertained both by ordinary methods of analysis and hy adding

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region of the left lower ribs no fracture could be made out.

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M.B. or Intermediate examination may be passed at 19 complete

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the Senate to the University granting a degree except upon an

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Bone and Orbital Walls one being associated with epilepsy

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weeks before he had had some trouble in the circulation of one

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range there is the same discharging le.sion but it has become of

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frankly admit the fact and to cease wasting money and labour on

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and complained for some days of thirst and dryness of throat.

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alarming rapidity throughout.Vorthwich Middlewich Winsfonl

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tion to the evils that are allowed to continue from year to year.

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ture of the abscess into the ventricle 2 meningitis 3 and

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the rules of the provident system of relief. Dr. Gilbart Smith

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ab lt lomen cases were met with in which no such tendency could

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and we would have done so immediately after its publication but

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I have always assumed and shall continue to suppose that con

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sections and drawings was a lady aged. iJ of healthy appearance

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the head can be measured only very partially in relation to

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