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by the breath would naturally only produce the vague febrile
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formed by tough arterial wall and the inner of blood clot. The
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when the number of deaths from diseases of the respiratory
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mation lying in the lymph vessels v hich are often full of these
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women and children. Of these 101 cases occurred in hospital
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ever this correction was made the word cirrhosis had become
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to consider the report of the commission on a university for Lon
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scess was opened and again on December 2nd. She left on Janu
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Professor hrb will h.nve chorge of the medical I rofensor von
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canal with continuous suture of silkworm gut. The external
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urine. There was proof that uric acid existed in normal urine
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diarrhcea dysentery liver disease measles scarlet fever typhoid
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been ascribed to dust the silk workers of Macclesfield and Leek
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French. The regulations and programme for the day will be
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of its draft Bill for the reform of the Royal College of Surgeons
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differing materially in nature students being subject to examina
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solution of 1.4 Il l to a liltln higher stage the fermfntalion was
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pital for three separate periods during the last twelve years. In
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A chapter on tlie use of hypnotics would have been a valuable
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organisms such as examples from the moulds yeasts the white
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and of all of the simplest movements of those same muscles. Simi
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if required. I have been told that the difficulty of producing this
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College of Surgeons of Ireland the constitution of which ap
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Estimation of Rvcretion of Phosphates. t e phosphates were
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tical table supplied it appears that the number of registered
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The two former lt loubted the specific character of the disease be
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abscess having evidently just evacuated itself. We have here a
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subscriptions to the amount of 1 681 os. 5d. had been received
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cases of this kind however that come under observation have
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window. He quotes Ambrose Par as writing in 1550 of
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ftdd crystals are not reddish brown but coloitrlens. and thai they arc never
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vestigation read before the Academy. A somewhat similar col
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I as this that the contentment of the.Medical PtafT of the English
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inches below the uppir end of the jejunum. It had apparently
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ping and bandages and the same dressing continued. The won ad
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been set a ide to reduce the mortgage debt of JLLLtui which waa
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patient corrects his mistakes. But the statements may be taken literally lor
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genitals as well as in other jiarts and that when the genitals are
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comfortable on iha 2 th the same on the 27th 1 noticed amarked
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distinguished list of office bearers. Meeting first at the rooms of
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This term has been applied to fatty tumours arising in connec
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etc. are unhesitatingly condemned and new turret blocks are to
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Epileptiform Middle Level Fits. Varieties. Diluted Convul
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such as was contained by cysts in the thyroid. The tumours also
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gerous to the public health. Nevertheless because of the in
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or in the midst of a myoma in connection with the brain spinal
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outbreak in Maidenhead Dr. Woodforde notes that for five months
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termined to induce premature labour. Having therefore dilated
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and out to India provided free of expense. Lord Camperdown s
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sudden dismissal the lodge resolved to return no answer to the
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even later date were treated as original roots wild guesses of
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monument in marble or bronze to his memory. Sir William Mae
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November 1889 a very important case o Softening of the Face area with
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coughing and wns taken to the Shudwell Children s lloipital. Ou
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cases of periostitis of the tibias both in men and women and he
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rosis the myocardium is of grey colour. The necropsy shows tihat
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cular diseases on the othnr hand show a very low mortality
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breakage which results from the instrument slipping
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rectly assenting to and dissenting from by Yes and iS o all
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Gull it may therefore be truly said Though dead he yet
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extension of this disease. If they could arrive at a knowledge
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feoted and that the carpets and hangings were to be removed from
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kept stored for use in a closely covered glass jar filled with.sub
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mumps furnish a bacillus which develops in eight hours. This
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been removed from immediately above his nose two months before
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may be advanced in explanation of the laryngeal cartilages being
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centage of the population attacked and the mortality in
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described but translated into German an abstract of a thesis of the original
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present however it is chielly an epizootic disease and moreover
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In the sixteen principal town districts of Ireland the deaths registered
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ton s diagnosis was tumour in connection with the kidney pro
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treatment for twelve days for debility quinine being given.
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and footis and practical demonstrations are given at tlie Parkes Museum on
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and bread and the various methods for preparing and staining
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Infirman 2.iKti the Edinburgh Hospital for Sick Child
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bacteriology. On the lirst floor to the right of the staircase is the
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mitral stenosis and during an attack of acute rheumatism trn
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pital for Epilepsy and Paralysis under my rare and he died there
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stop it. Salufer in 10 grain doses produced violent vomiting but

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