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the course of a month and then remained well until three weeks

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seized with a violent attack of influenza. His illness commenced

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constitution of the Royal College of Surgeons of England should be

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that they are for the most part the results noted a fortnight or

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have to request that members of the Society will send to either

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mine. I am inclined to think too that the effect of atropine on.

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the lungs without any very active symptoms of phthisis. In this

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the iron reaction to the sulphide of ammonium test. He re

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operation. He now believed that the cause of the sepsis was hia

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incubation period of two and of six days but he thought that

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awarded against a railway company for injuries sustained by a

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risk is a considerable one. The most moderate care would render

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Dorsalis by Dr. Morpurgo one on Otitis Interna as a Sequel of

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range all this of course comparatively with what occurs in the

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ceived before any definite and just conclusion can be arrived at.

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was distinctly corroded. It would therefore appear that the tin

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temperatures and the appliances all of a simple character

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not prepared to accept an arbitrary limitation seeing that there

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gave rise in conseciuence of its becoming impacted in the uterus.

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with Regard to Drunkcnnrrs and Inebriety. Alter which a

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tumoiu s was an operation the efficacy of which was undoubted.

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usually only one breast was involved and the growth was mostly

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reported that local authorities really possessed now ample powers

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months and all were alive and well except one patient who died

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motor elements as certainly as the colours imply discharge of sensory

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mental training. If examination and training be in any case a

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know the chief source of the organism that provokes the malady

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the left ventricle is tiattened. The spl.ygmographic tracings are

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psorosperms identical in oppeorance with those that he had

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Thin some years ago with material for a paper published in

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fever 13 of diabetes mellitus 6 of scorbutus and 2 of pernicious

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conparativoly stable gunpowder in a cannon. I bMlieve that the

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epiglottic fold of a man aged 40 ye.irs it hung down into the

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There was no general peritonitis. The margin of the original

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ro that one tendon reaction both of which superpo itive pheno

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These latter were of course readily put right by discission but to

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hands will have a greater number of small cells than those which

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tofn n.n.f guinea IS the customary fee for a certificate of death given

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ing condition of the dura mater in 2 perforation of the dura

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sions and movements I am illustrating by movements alone.

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Paris iledical Faculty opposes this proposition and states that if

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several attempts to speak remarking I say and Well well.

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power of the left ventricle as a result of this the blood stream

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pains and soreness especially in the back and legs with marked

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and local authorities are empowered to moke regulations re. i ect

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physicians is with the physical condition correlative with that

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j bone in two places and injected a solution of carbolic acid. The

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children of Mr. Charles Shaw many years clerk to the justices of

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the coses makes it iminssible to determine the ago of the throm

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possibly by contraction of their antagonists the adductors leading

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nervous disease amongst his relatives. The day after I saw the

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