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position of Her Majesty s Superintending Inspector of Factories
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quent I ofessor. ntal suspecting tlie existence of a papilloma
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before Luther s Reformation but appears to have been much
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undoubted brain substance. The tumour a. o contained striped
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animals and obtained anodyne eSects and some local anaesthesia
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glovemakers stonecutters printers turners waiters forgemen
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successful. I had previously tried administering hyposulphite
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cally and scientifically some of the biological problems associ
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The rate of infant mortality or the proportion of deaths under
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Despeignes consider the Lyons system of filtration as insufficient
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tion you will kindly impress upon your officers that grave re
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sion was continued sufliciently far downwards to allow the testicle
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Other deviations from the normal in the breast I am unable to
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Lieutenant Colonel to the Severn Brigade Infantry Voluuteel s.
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in continuation of Mr. Hutchinson s interesting communi
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time subjected to heat. After this procedure the colour is
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otbers pr dui H incapacity for conduction. The first form of
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every appearance of malignancy was seen on the site of the
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beyond ciliarj redness could be detected with the naked eye. On
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hours 4. i ounces more than 2i imperial pints had been intro
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I feel that if we as a body of practical men carried
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rudimentary book upon sanitary and hygienic matters suitable for school
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count. Before January 17th there had been one or two cases of
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shall be advertised when vacant. At present the practice is to
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These experiments show that in sharks the semicircular canals
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matter was still unknown but it was probably in the excrements.
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chiefly occupied with religious subjerts. and gradually he liecnme
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the frequent flushing of the main sewer the erection of a hlph
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in many other Continental countries and American States and
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inflammation in the region of her right hip joint for about a
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and contrast recent Hemiplegia U. The regional paralytic affec
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On admission both pupils were widely dilated. Her gait was
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of flushing the peritoneum and drainage illustrated two other
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reached from it. The contents of the sac being reduced. nre so kept
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deemed well suited to persons of advanced age and lastly that
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throughout. He died on December i th 18 0. The post mortem
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The Board of Trade have received a copy of a despatcli dated
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French case with those he had seen in America on his return
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blood etc. The class to which these parasites belonged had not
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whooping cough. 80 from measles 37 from diphtheria 36 from dlarrhtea 34 from
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a sort of communistic agency dealing alike with unhealthy con
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directly from the body of one patient to that of another.
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This notice however would be very imperfect if no reference
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difference in the muscular power of the two hands. Only flexile
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able grounds but no attempt is made to define the grounds
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came from the hospitals and 21 were foetuses sent from confine
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dermic appendages whether hair wool bristles feathers glands
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to improve themselves in professional knowledge. Here we
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the amount of medic. l knowledge which is one of the
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which is inserted in the cutis giving rise to a certain amount
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it would not be possible at the present time to accept lives for
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princuss r. centiy IssMied by Chapman and Hall. The princess it should be
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disease published in the Jouknal of May 24th and 21st 1S81

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