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supplied from below the lesion are more seriously implicated the

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smoking the grinding process had been long recognised and was

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is or can lie taken to prevent injury to the public health. Where

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is not usually neoessarj to cut deeply in these cases for the sinuses

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the same for the time being whether the nervous elements in

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a ruptured empyema might possibly produce the rigidity and ex

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but a small portion was left behind. Patient did we ll in every

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per annum including medicines. Applications to the Clerk by March

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penalty it being held by the magistrate that the British Pharma

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this occasion and am therefore not responsible for her treatment.

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effect of the removal of a small quantity of the fluid by simple

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manuals of surgery are rather meagre and in many of them it is

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tributed and the names of the subscribers to be published from

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favoured expectoration. The drug had no effect on the circula

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ascites which reached as far as the umbilicus there was con

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Being of opinion that the dangers of vaccination arise from

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The winter session of the medical classes of the Edinburgh

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tortuous and with a marked proliferation of leucocytes in the

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one which looks upon it as merely made up of fibres from

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scoundrels who were systematicall trading upon the benevolent

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January Ist. He was immediately removed to the hospital being

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put to the drain on the system. In this variety of fistula the

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He said According to official hospital reports 19 of our local

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during post epileptic coma there may occur a convulsion affecting

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been introduced into the anterior chamber by the syringe. Both

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seventeen years and had considerably increased during the last

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itimes even overlapping margin of the diseased skin and a

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wound but when he left hospital twenty seven days after the

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sunshine the former to the amount of 3h inches and the latter to

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method and reported some remarkably successful results from its

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in 1886. In this case the disease had existed for three years.

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his time of duty on every steamship. Vessels lives and property

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more of sevcrnlcjiusps. An inflamed contract d. nnd irritable

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tinged fluid. The heart was small but healthy its cavities

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The operations for radical cure of hernia are readily divisible into

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counter irritation was used but ineffectually. The pain gradually

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if not invariably the spread of the mischief is due to imperfect

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Warwick for a suspicious swelling at the inner end of the left

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ommiesion. The Court is finding it a herculean task to prepare

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they are l.wked ution as civilians and their difficulties Immensely increased

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the nursing school. As regards the medical school it is hoped

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Chlrurgical.Soclely cannot t e blamed lor the low temperature ot thrlr meet

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DtfaiSQ the week ending Saturday March 22nd.s 710 births and 1.061 deaths

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mortality was given as 11 per cent. Five of these operations were

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