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Nottingham Oldham Preston Salford and Sheffield. Among the
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disease and 46 of chronic inflammatory conditions of the ovaries.
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died. At the same time a control experiment had this result that
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passage in a review published on March 1st which appears to reflect
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thrombosis are that 1. The disease more often spreads from the
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Dr. V. Desguin reports the following case of rabies after two
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quiring for its evacuation the use oi instruments would then be
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history of the individual falls into two periods passed in
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connected with the.Medical and Natural bcience Schools on sub
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exclusively in the opposite hemisphere of the brain. These so
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All these institutions were admitted to participate. Applications
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found very small and tough the capsules thickened opaque
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Public Vaccinator lor the SluttoM DistriC. of the BlRcleswade Union.
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compared with Austria and the Netherlands. The imperfections
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that when questioned afterwards he appeared to know very little
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clot becomes adherent out seldom infects the blood or gives rise to
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Dictionary however traces the connection between the Greek
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evinced in the meeting as it is well known that Dr. Bramwell is
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to know whether this had altered at the time when the fracture
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scarlet fever in Wolveahampton. Of the 43 deaths from diphtheria recorded
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sible that the smooth edge of a small aperture in the mesentery
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consequence. In such a case I have known the greatest benefit
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probably the fourth also. Thrombosis is therefore a very fatal
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hereditary beyond all doubt and is accelerated or aggravated by
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stetrics the prospect of the interference on the principles laid
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anxious in the discharge of their duties it was not their fault.
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of Cajsarean section are not far to find. In the first place the
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were symmetrical and resembled supernumerary rn ilk glands with
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Farquharson it wUl be surprising if an intelligent public do not
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becomes universal that excessive discharge beginning in some
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the zymotic maladies tic p. r gt S measles scarlatina typhoid and
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Ihe temperature oscillated between 97 and 100 the pulse was
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that prolapse of the mesentery is a predisposing cause of the hernia
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Welch Surgeon to the Xj un.. February 26tb Thomas Bolster Fleet Sur
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Medical Societies in Sheffield. Mr. Snell read portions of a
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These authorities are not selected because their testimony tells
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regions where fat is found normally they may occur in a muscle
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of the Heart. Mr. Darwell Treatment of Lateral Curvature 1 1
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ATHLONB UNION Brideswell Dispensary District. Medical Officer. Salary
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sjircad over the whole body the urine was feeble and slightly
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will be therefore the least fidly controlled and will be still
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the cause. There remain the two following unexplained.
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lished by Unna and Drachmann considering that all that had been
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population. The Minister of Public Instruction admits the truth
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Et a decree of the Republican Government which came nto

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